Cooking Dried Beans

Instead of using canned beans for your chili recipe, you may
choose to cook your own dried beans.  This page offers you a
few tips on cooking your own beans.


Raw beans cannot be added to chili.  Even beans that have
been soaked overnight take longer to cook than the chili itself. 
You need to cook the beans thoroughly first before using them in any
chili recipe.  Never add half cooked beans to chili either as
they will never finish cooking in your chili.

Directions for Cooking Beans

You will need 1 pound of dried beans of choice (pinto or kidney
would be best for chili recipes) that have been cleaned and soaked
overnight in 3 quarts of cold water.

Remove any beans that float, then drain beans and replace water
with 3 quarts of clean, cold, fresh water.

Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer uncovered for 2 to 3
hours until beans are easily pierced with a fork.  If more
water is needed while cooking, only add hot water during the cooking

Drain beans and add salt to taste.

Your beans are now ready to use in any of our famous chili