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Famous Chili Recipes Review of Tabasco Spicy Chili Recipe Mix

Tabasco Spicy Chili Recipe is a very easy meal to make if you’re
looking for good chili taste and very little time to cook.  To
make this chili, I used 1 pound of ground beef and chicken broth in
the amount indicated in the directions.  I chose chicken broth
instead of water or beer just for an added flavor.

After browning the meat, you add the jar of Tabasco Spicy Chili
Recipe and your liquid of choice.  In less than 15 minutes your
chili is ready.

The consistency of the Tabasco Spicy Chili Recipe was very
good-it could be eaten with a spoon or by dipping crackers and
scooping the chili right into your mouth (my favorite way of eating
chili).  The chili mix had a good flavor but in my opinion it
was missing something.  I couldn’t put my finger on exactly
what it was that the chili needed.  A little extra salt helped
and lots more Tabasco

I think that the spicy label was a bit misleading.  I was
really glad that I bought the spicy mix and not the mild especially
since I thought the spicy chili recipe mix could have used a bit
more kick.

Overall, I give the Tabasco Chili Recipe Mix 3 stars.  It’s
a good thing to have on hand if you’re craving a quick chili, but I
still prefer my own
chili, made from scratch

Written By
Danna Vach