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Chili in Washington, DC

 Among our politicians coming and going in our great capital, one main
chili eatery has remained since being established in 1958.

Chili Bowl
has the original stools, booths, counters and
still makes their chili according to the same secret recipe used
since opening.  The chili at Ben’s Chili Bowl has chunks of
meat and peppers and if you want it with cheese and onion, you only
have to ask.

Most everyone around the DC area has heard of Ben’s Chili Bowl. 
In fact, a great many people only think of Ben’s when you ask for a
place to eat chili.  I did find a few other eateries worth
checking out if you are craving chili in the capital.

A sharp contrast to the diner feel of Ben’s,
Peacock Cafe
has a contemporary feel to its dining and to
its many many menu items.  The chili is a rather contemporary
recipe given that it has no meat but is instead a vegetarian chili. 
The peppers and herbs give the meatless chili its flavor and keep
customers coming back for more.

Here at Famous Chili Recipes we are constantly searching for new and
different chili to share with our readers.  Well, we found one
in Washington, DC that is “dangerously” different.  Dangerously
Different Pies serves a vegan chili pie (you can also get it with
steak) with onions, tomatoes, and kidney beans in a beautiful pie
crust.  You can visit their restaurant in one of 3 locations
including in Chinatown and Union Station.  You can also look on
their website
to locate
their food truck on any given day.

Next time you’re in Washington, DC for work or for leisure, take a
break from it all and try one of our selected chili eateries. 
We’re pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.

  If you would like to
share your experiences of chili in Washington, DC feel free to email me at


Written By
Danna Vach