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Las Vegas Chili

Las Vegas.  The
City That Never Sleeps.  No matter what the reason for
visiting, Las Vegas has something for everyone.  But what
happens when you get a craving for a great bowl of chili while in
Las Vegas?  My first suggestion would be to quiz a f ew of the
locals and see where they might send you.  If you’re not up for
asking, here are 3 great chili venues in Las Vegas for you to try.

The 2013 World Open
Chili Championship November 7 – 9, 2013.  Put this event on
your calendar as one not to miss.  This is the chili event of
all chili events.  You are sure to find a chili that will
satisfy your chili cravings.

Competitors are winners
of other chili competitions that have been invited to compete in the
World Open Chili Championship.  There are People’s Choice
awards in both Freestyle and Competition chili so you can taste and
vote for your favorites.

If you happen to not be
in Las Vegas during the World Open Chili Championship, you do have
more options for satisfying that chili craving. 

The Egg
located on West Flamingo Road in Las Vegas
serves bowls of Cincinnati chili (Cincy chili).  You can get
your chili in one of 4 ways: 3-way, 4-way, and 5-way chili depending
on which toppings you choose and lastly on a hotdog.  You can’t
go wrong with choosing any of the 4 ways.  One thing to keep in
mind if you want to visit The Egg Works is that it is open for
breakfast and lunch only.  Seating stops at 3pm so go for an
early or a late lunch and enjoy.

Next up,

House Chili.  Binion’s has been around
Las Vegas since 1951 and the 24 hour cafe serves what you need at
all hours.  Try a bowl of the house chili at 3AM and you just
might not be hungry for breakfast.  You can also get Binion’s
house chili at the Binion’s Deli. 

Written By
Danna Vach