Chili with Lentils

Lentils are a quick cooking bean that adds a different flavor to chili.

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Chili in Charleston

Charleston, SC is an absolutely stunning place to visit.  It
has an old town southern charm that no one can resist.  Events
seem more romantic when they happen in Charleston.  You feel as
if you know more history just by walking down the streets in the
charming city.  And if you love to eat, Charleston is teeming
with seafood restaurants and other one-of-a-kind eateries.  I
could go on and on about the restaurants and shops in Charleston,
but I really want to talk about chili.  While Charleston isn’t
well-known for its chili, there are a few noteworthy places to get a
chili fix when visiting.

year marks the 14th year of the

Charleston Animal Society Celebrity Chili
Cook-off and Oyster Roas
t.  The event will be held
on November 23rd, 2013 so make plans now to attend. 
Participants in the cook-off include local celebrities and notable
people that cook and compete to win the taste buds of over 1,000
guests.  You can spend 4 hours eating chili, shucking oysters
and washing it down with beer from a local brewery.  What more
could you ask?

2nd chili stop in Charleston is a bit nontraditional compared to our
usual chili stops because it happens to be a Japanese restaurant,
Bushido Japanese Restaurant.  We chose to include them in our
notable Charleston chili stops because of the famous

Bushido Seppuku Challenge
.  So
although it’s not chili in the Texas-style, their use of chiles in
the preparation of the spicy rolls for the challenge makes the
restaurant stand out.  These spicy rolls are made with some
very hot chiles such as habanero, green thai chiles and even red
thai chiles.

Bushido Challengers have to eat 10 rolls in order from 1 to 10. 
The rolls increase in heat as you go up in number, and you may not
eat them in reverse order.  This Bushido Seppuku Challenge was
featured on an episode of Man vs. Food several years ago.  Very
few “Legends” have succeeded in beating the challenge but those that
make it to the end receive a coveted Bushido headband and have their
picture displayed on the Ledger of Legends.

Number 3 on our Charleston chili list is a late night favorite:
AC’s Bar and
located on King Street.  You can satisfy your
chili cravings Waco style up to 2AM.  It will cost you extra to
“cool it down” with sour cream and cheese.  You can even have
AC’s chili in the form of chili cheese fries to share with your

you have another Charleston chili spot to share, please feel free to
contact me at

Written By
Danna Vach