A Whole New World of Spices

A recent dinner at a friend’s house opened by eyes to a whole new world of spices from India.  I knew that a number of Indian dishes were spicy and had a bit of chili flavor to them but little did I know how many spices there were to choose from.

So many chili powders and chili peppers.  A girl could go wild with the new flavors.  Expect more posts in the future about all of the different spices that I’m discovering.  These spices have been around a long time but until recently, they haven’t been readily available in the United States.  Penzeys Spices makes easy access online for anyone wishing to explore a new world of spices for their ever changing chili recipes. 

If you’re lucky enough to have a Penzeys near you, then you are most definitely in for a treat!  The aromas alone had me salivating, but I really wanted to try a few of the spices to see what magic they might work on my chili.  Can I stand the heat of a piquan pepper?  It’s the hottest pepper that Penzeys carries.  What about the flavorful blends of their Chili 3000 and Chili 9000.  It’s so exciting to have new chili adventures to plan!