8 Steps to Chili Nachos

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8 Simple Steps to Chili Nachos

Whether you are throwing a party or having
friends over for a Super Bowl event, these Chili nachos will know
their socks off! You will have your guests reaching for more as they
get a taste of these spicy chili nachos. Follow this recipe to make
a tasty plate of nachos for all to love.

• 1-2 cloves of garlic
• 1 lb of ground beef
• 1 white or yellow onion
• 1 green pepper
• 1 can of chili beans
• 2 cans of chopped tomatoes
• 2-3 Chipotles
• Oregano
• Cumin
• Jalapenos, pickled
• Don’t forget your tortilla chips!
• Shredded cheese for nachos or you can shred
your own Monterey and mozzarella
• Beef broth of stock (stay away from using
• Bay leaf
• Chili powder
• Frozen corn

Step #1: Begin by chopping half a large onion
and the green bell pepper. Make sure you have equal amounts chopped
of both. 

Step #2: Put your beef in a pan and brown it
with some olive oil, your green pepper and onion. 

Step #3: Open all your cans while the beef is
browning. Start to chop up a few jalapenos and chipotles. Do not
touch your eyes while doing this and rinse your hands after.

Step #4: When the meat has cooked long enough
you can add the chili beans, chopped peppers and the can of
tomatoes. Mix hot water with ½ cup of beef stock and add it to the
chili mix as well. Then get your cumin, the bay leaf, oregano and
chili powder and add to your meat mix. 

Step #5: Let your chili meat simmer for
whatever time you wish. It is supposed to be quite soup like. If you
like your veggies to still be firm then do not over cook your
mixture. You can then add some of your frozen corn to the mix to
cook for the last 15 minutes or so.

Step #6: If you only like a little amount of
topping on your nachos then keep it to a minimum. If you like loads
of cheese and toppings go nuts! You can always make it chunkier by
adding more jalapenos, vegetables or chopped onion. Toppings can
also include salsa, guacamole, sour cream and black olives.

Step #7: Get your plate or dish and spread out
a nice layer of tortilla nacho chips. You can then put some of your
chili on top with extra onion and chopped jalapenos and then load
with cheese. 

Step #8: Then stick in your oven so that the
cheese melts over the chili and nachos.

Voila! It is party time!

Written By
Danna Vach


I loved this recipe, but swapped out the beef for 1/2 ground chicken and 1/2
ground turkey. I swapped out the beef stock for veggie too. submitted by
Christine S.