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New York Chili Eateries

Recently when planning a trip to New York, I sat down and wrote a list of places I wanted to visit, to see, or to have a bite to eat.  As I'm writing, my list looked somewhat like this:

Central Park

Stock Exchange

Times Square

Carnegie Deli

Magnolia Bakery

I found that as I added more and more items that I didn't know a single place to get a great bowl of chili in New York! *GASP*  Of course that had to change quickly so I made a few phone calls and sent a few emails to my friends living in New York or the friends that were past residents of New York to find out which chili joints I needed to put on my list.

From the variety of answers, and believe me, there apparently is no shortage of places to get chili in the city, I found 3 spots that kept recurring on various lists.

Daisy May's Texas style bowl of red made the list over and over.  Not your regular ground beef kind of chili, this bowl features hand cut meats in a hearty sauce cooked together into chili perfection.  The seating arrangements can be quite tight, but it seems as if a great many people pick up their chili and take it home.  Daisy May's will definitely make my final cut of places to go in New York.

I was a bit surprised at the next chili joint that made the cut, but I'm not one to shy away from trying something new so I'll be visiting Brooklyn Star during my trip to New York.  What makes this choice so surprising is the use of tripe in their chili.  Sure, they use other meats such as bacon and ground beef but the tripe has the spotlight in this bowl of chili.

Tripe is the stomach (or stomachs) of a ruminant (animals that "chew the cud" or chew on food that has already been chewed once) such as a cow, sheep, or ox.  The preparation of tripe is quite involved in order to achieve a palatable meat, but experienced cooks have the procedure down to a science.  By placing the tripe into a pot of cold water and bring the water to a 1 to 2 hour boil, tripe will be at it's finest taste.

The third chili eatery to make the list is Manhattan Chili.  Apparently this restaurant has been around for quite some time but has recently made the move to Grand Central Terminal where you can order chili almost any way you want.  The location alone is appealing just for people watching, but when you add in a great bowl of chili, it becomes "must see" in my book.

Now my list is complete!  I won't publish my entire list of places I'm going to visit because a girl's gotta have some privacy, but rest assured that I WILL be visiting each of the chili eateries above. 

  If you would like to share your experiences of chili in New York, feel free to email me at danna@famouschilirecipes.commom

Written By Danna Vach