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National Chili Month

National Chili Month approaches!!

October has long been known as national chili month for those of us in the chili world.  October marks a time when the leaves begin to turn as the weather changes to the cooler side.  As our bodies adjust to the cooler temperatures, we gradually make the shift to foods that warm both body and soul.  Chili has been a favorite fall and winter meal for me and my family.

There are usually 1 or 2 chili cook-offs taking place in the fall where people can sample different types of chili.  These cook-offs are great places to get new ideas for revamping that old chili recipe.  If you need more ideas for celebrating National Chili Month, then here you go:

1)  Celebrate National Chili Month by creating a new family chili recipe. 

Have each member of your family choose an ingredient for your chili recipe.  Some ideas to choose from might be:

black beans
red or yellow peppers
chopped tomatoes

and the list could go on and on...

Make sure you visit the chili recipes blog and tell us what ingredient makes your chili stand out!

2)  Host a chili party!

One way to host a chili party would be to have everyone bring a predetermined ingredient for the chili to the party.  The ingredients can be added in as guests arrive.  After a bit of football watching or game playing, everyone has a great bowl of chili to enjoy.

3)  Have a chili cook-off.

A chili cook-off involves everyone bringing their own chili.  You provide plastic tasting cups and let your guests vote on the best chili.  You can even share recipes unless you want to keep your chili recipe top secret!

Send us your National Chili Month celebration photos!  We would love to write about how you celebrate that October is National Month of Chili!


Written By Danna Vach