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National Chili Month October 2013

It's National Chili Month!  Just a week ago, we celebrated the first day of fall with a day full of wet weather and a few leaves on the ground.  It still seems like we are staying in the mild summer we've had this year.  Once the weather cools down a few more degrees and the leaves are falling like rain, then I'll admit it's fall.  But, no matter what the weather feels like, there's no denying that it is October and it's time to celebrate National Chili Month!

I've been busy thinking of new ideas for celebrating this month and my brain has been working overtime.  Just a few ways that we here at Famous Chili Recipes are going to celebrate National Chili Month include: the opening of our very own facebook page, chili celebration articles and reviews of chili events.  So check back often to keep in touch and celebrate with us as National Chili Month progresses!

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Written By Danna Vach