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Thoughts On The Hormel Chili Pourover Product

While I'm normally someone that likes to make fresh home-cooked meals, I always like to have a few quick fall back meals in the pantry just in case I have one of those days where I can' t fathom cooking a meal that takes longer than 10 minutes.  Enter Hormel Chili Pourovers.   I discovered these fantastic chili pouches on KrazyCouponLady.com when they told about a sale at WalMart on Hormel pourovers.  I stacked a manufacturer's coupon with the sale price and got mine for free.  Score!  These little pouches are now on my list as a pantry staple. 

Hormel offers two kinds of pourovers: one with beans and one without beans.  The chili without beans is perfect for hotdogs and hamburgers.  You can also make chili cheese fries with it (a favorite of one of my friends).  The chili with beans can be eaten any way you normally eat chili: over pasta, in a bowl, over Fritos.  You get the idea.

The convenience of the pouches really won me over on a recent camping trip.  As usual, I wanted to take chili for one of the meals but my week was all rushed so I had no time to prepare.  I threw a few Hormel pouches into the food container and off we went.  It began to rain as soon as we set up camp, but we somehow remained in good spirits despite the downpour.  The deluge continued through the dinner hour which meant no fire for cooking so guess what we did?  We ate that chili right out of the pouch with a bag of Fritos.  It wasn't half bad.  Granted it would have been super-fabulous had it been hot and steaming.  I was almost tempted to try and warm it by taping 2 of those little hand warming packets to the Hormel chili pouch.  I decided against it although it may reappear as a cooking experiment for another day...

Anyway, the meal was satisfying, the rain continued and after many card games in our tent, we went to sleep.  The sun came out the next day so we were able to dry out, have a fire, and actually eat the remaining chili after it was warm.

Written By Danna Vach danna@famouschilirecipes.com