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Hatch, New Mexico Chiles

The small town of Hatch, New Mexico is known all over the world for their chile harvests.  Each year, during the Labor Day weekend, Hatch expands from approximately 1600 people to almost 30,000 people for the Hatch Chile festival.

Hatch chiles are celebrated for their wonderful flavor.  In particular, there are 5 to 6 main varieties of Hatch chiles that are cultivated each year.  The cool New Mexico nights and intense sunlight during the day produce uniquely flavored chiles. 

Hatch New Mexico chiles have a very short growing season, and this makes anticipation for the harvest each year even more exciting.  The chiles are planted each spring and harvested mid to late August.

New Mexico chiles are so well-known for their flavor that many chile producers market their chiles are being from New Mexico when, in reality, they are chile impostors.  Not anymore.  The New Mexico Chile Advertising Act states that a chile must be grown in New Mexico soil if it is to be labelled and sold as a New Mexico chile.

Now go out and buy some AUTHENTIC Hatch New Mexico chiles.  Use a few in a great chili recipe.  Roast a few and freeze them for use later in the year when you can't buy them fresh.  Stock up now and enjoy!

Written By Danna Vach