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Taqueria del Sol's Green Chile Festival 2012

Spicy Date Night

"Where are we going?" asked my husband. I had a hard time describing the event we were about to attend. Its a block party at Taqueria Del Sol to celebrate a chile crop. "Where is Taqueria Del Sol?" was his response. Obviously, I need to get my husband out of the house more often...

Taqueria Del Sol hosted their 3rd Annual Hatch Chile Festival this past Sunday evening. My husband and I were both (eventually) very happy to attend and experience the fun first hand. Hatch, New Mexico is known worldwide for their chile crop, and to the die hard fans, they stock up bushels of chiles in their freezers. We are novices, but I can tell you, the food was phenomenal! Everything had a moderate heat factor, and we enjoyed the tastings like they were a fine wine, ohhhing and ahhhing over the yumminess of it all.

If you have not been to this restaurant like my husband, you are not living life to its fullest. The original Taqueria Del Sol is located westside of Atlanta at 1200-B Howell Mill Road. They have some amazing menu items year round, and its an affordable way to dine out inexpensively without sacrificing great food. Their casual atmosphere makes any visit a great one. For this event, they blocked off part of the parking lot and put up tents and food stations. They sold tickets online for a 5pm or 6:30 seating at $18.50. There was a band playing and they offered a cash bar (for alcoholic drinks). Pitchers of margaritas were seen a'plenty!

hatch chile relleno

In the parking lot, the chiles were roasted and skinned of their char, and then sent in for the kitchen to transform into amazing dishes. Some of the dishes included a slider with roasted chiles as a tasty condiment, cheesy grits infused with chiles and topped with a tasty brisket, a mango slaw, a chicken burrito and the best dish of all, a chile relleno - a whole roasted pepper stuffed with cheese, then breaded, fried and served with a delish tomato-jalapeno salsa.

taqueria del sol slider

chocolate caramel chile sauce

Then they had desserts and yes, they were spicy too! One was a rich chocolate ice cream with caramel throughout. The caramel was infused with, you guessed it, a lovely chile spice!

hatch chile festival cookies

There was also my all-time favorite cookie, a shortbread cookie with little flakes of peppers in the thin icing glazing. Beyond yummy! I would have never imagined a new favorite food category for me - Spicy desserts!

My husband came around very quickly after assessing the venue, the food stations and the cash bar locations. It doesn't take much to make him happy. We had a great time communing with fellow table-mates and enjoying a nice evening sans child. I've decided this is an event we will visit again. A relaxing date night on a Sunday evening in early fall is a great way to reconnect while bonding over Hatch chiles.

Taqueria Del Sol's core menu includes just a few exceptional mainstays with revolving weekly lunch & dinner specials. Not only do they serve the same menu items for lunch and dinner, but they also serve the menu items at the same price! In addition to the Howell Mill location, they also have a Decatur, Cheshire Bridge, and Athens GA + Orlando FL locations. Find them online at:



gina at taqueria del sol hatch chile festival

The author, Gina McClendon, and her husband at the 2012 Taqueria del Sol Hatch Chile Festival.  Gina is a blogger, a stylist for Chloe and Isabel, a wife and a mother.  You can read more of her work at