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Top 3 Atlanta Chili EventsI

I've always been drawn to small dive restaurants.  You know the ones that look below average based on the decor but the locals flock to these places in droves.  I search these types of restaurants out, especially  on the weekends when Grandma has the kids.

Las weekend we visited one of our favorites, Raging Burrito in Decatur, GA.  We live pretty far from Decatur but it was a beautiful day, and we really wanted a burrito.

I, of course, ordered my usual jerk chicken burrito (I wonder how chili would taste if made with jerk chicken?) but I also ordered something new - the chili cheese dip.  Talk about being surprised by the fantastic chili!  I was blown away.  The chili had pinto beans and was seasoned perfectly before combining with queso for a superb appetizer.  Honestly, I could have made a meal of it if I hadn't already ordered my burrito.

So the lesson to be learned her is that you shouldn't be afraid to try chili in unexpected places.  Sure, you're going to sometimes be served canned chili, but then there will be times when you get a wonderful tasty surprise in an unexpected place.  Kudos to Raging Burrito for giving one of those incredible surprises.

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Written By Danna Vach