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Famous Chili Recipes in First Chili Cook-Off

What a day!  Famous Chili Recipes participated in its first chili cook-off on October 28th, 2013.  To give our chili a bit of an edge, we chose to support Tracy Pickens as our chili chef in The Paper Mill Village 1st Annual Chili Cook-off.  Tracy originates from Louisiana and has made an art form out of cooking with a bit of flair.

Beginning with basic ingredients, Tracy uses her taste buds instead of measuring spoons to make spice additions.  No one has seasoning abilities like our Tracy!  For this competition chili, Tracy started with a few pounds of venison.  No beans.  Roasted peppers and tomatoes.  Her approximate recipe with be featured at a later date.

competition chili

The rules of this chili cook-off allowed for cooking the chili offsite and transport to the cook-off tables in a crock-pot of our chosen size.  The contestants were also allowed to decorate the crock-pot space as we wished. 

danna-tracy competition space

Four judges were each given a ladle full of every competitor's chili.  The judges had approximately 30 minutes to judge the chilis in each of 3 categories.  The chilis were scored with points from 1 to 5 and the points were tallied and ranked to determine the winner.  The categories were:  This chili is traditional and classic, this chili is new and original, this chili tastes great.

There were 20 original spots for the chili cookoff, and the competition ended up with 10 competitors in all.  Competitors were encouraged to arrive by 4:30pm to setup for the crowds arriving at 5:00pm.  Judging was to happen at 6pm, and the crowd could have tastes of each chili from 5pm-6pm.  It was quite a challenge to ration the tastes for the crowd and still keep enough chili for the judges to taste during the judging at 6pm.

Among the competitors, there were Moxie Burger, one of the best burger restaurants located in Paper Mill Village,  Famous Chili Recipes, Matthew Nathan, Tim Newberry with Atlanta Tree Professionals, Lawrence Cohen from Chattahoochee Plantation Magazine, Tony Estrada from Sugar Benders Bakery and a few other fantastic people that I just didn't have time to meet in the cook-off frenzy.

chili cook-off contestants

Moxie Burger took first place, Sugar Benders placed 2nd and a sweet lady with flowers on her hat came in third.  If you know her name, please email me so I can give her congratulations!!  Or you can contact us via our facebook page

All in all, we had a great time at our first chili cook-off.  Small venue, fabulous people and some really, really good chili!  Stay tuned for more adventures!

Written By Danna Vach