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A Different Kind of Vegetarian Chili

While planning a healthy eating menu for the new year, I came across a recipe using tempeh.  I had no idea what tempeh was and even less of an idea of how to cook with it.  After some research, I found out that tempeh is nothing more than fermented soybeans.  Much like tofu, tempeh is a fantastic vegetarian protein source.  It has a nuttier flavor than tofu but can also be better.  This article from gives some great information about tempeh.

Although a great many people steam their tempeh, I decided that I would lightly pan fry thin slices of tempeh to use in my chili.  This method of cooking will remove any bitter undertones from the tempeh and allow it to more easily absorb the flavors from the chili.

Most vegetarian chilis consist of beans for protein and vegetables like peppers and squash.  Those ingredients are great but sometimes I want a different flavor from my chili.

I took this Halftime Chili Recipe and  replaced the meat with pan fried tempeh.  What a different and exotic flavor!  The texture was a bit unexpected but I should have prepared myself for that .  Tempeh does not have the same texture as meat, but it does add weight just as meat would to a dish.  I will most definitely be using tempeh as a meat substitute in my chili again.  Now if I can only convince my children to try it...

By Danna Vach