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chili recipe

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Chili with Lentils: A New Bean for Chili

Why have I waited so long to try my hand at cooking lentils?  I love to eat them.  I've just never thought about cooking them.  Ever since my college roommate's mother would routinely fill our refrigerator and freezer with Indian meals featuring lentils, I have loved to eat the tasty legumes. 

Lentils are the only bean that doesn't require soaking overnight before cooking.  A quick wash and the lentils go in the cooking water for 15 - 20 minutes.  Recently, I have been cooking a whole pound at a time and then portioning the lentils into meal size servings.  I refrigerate them if our meal plan calls for lentils within 4 days, otherwise I place them into the freezer.  From the freezer, the lentils can usually go straight into my recipe, especially if it's soup or chili.

I have found that lentils taste better in chicken or turkey chili.  They are ok in a beef chili, but for some reason the beans pair extremely well with chicken.

People that use beans in their chili almost always use canned beans as a way to save time.  Canned beans can be loaded with unwanted sodium and other chemicals.  It is always better to cook your food from fresh or frozen items.  With lentils, the cooking time is substantially less than with other beans so it keeps our chili on the quick and easy meal list.

Written By Danna Vach