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National Chili Day Celebrated with Chili Cook-off Between Radio Hosts

Mar. 4th 2010

National Chili Day was February 25th this year and a radio station here in Atlanta that I listen to occasionally decided to have a cook-off between the morning show hosts to celebrate the day. Kevin and Taylor in the Morning from 104.7 the Fish had several judges in the studio on the 25th to judge each of their chilis. Taylor won! Here’s the link giving their recipes.

Both of the recipes look phenomenal but I admit I haven’t tried them yet. I think I may hae to try the Jamaican chili first since the addition of the jerk spices is a new and different twist that I haven’t tried before. Although the jerk spices add some heat to the chili, I noted that Kevin also uses a habanero powder for more heat. I’m willing to bet that this chili is not for the mild chili lover. It will have some kick.
I hope you enjoy experimenting with these 2 recipes – I’ll report back after I have a chance to play with the recipe some! Meanwhile, enjoy your chili! Only a few days left before spring so chili season is winding down for most folks – except me! :)

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