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How Cold Can It Get?

05/01/10 11:26 AM

I am a southerner. Always will be. That said, it’s 19 degrees here in Atlanta with a wind chill of 5. Five! Cold weather makes me hungry so I have turned again to my failsafe chili to keep me warm. I’ve come up with some different ways of serving chili that I thought might interest everyone so here goes…

1. Serve with Fritos corn chips. Yummy! Especially those ones shaped like scoops.
2. Serve over pasta. Yes, pasta. It’s good and it’s even better when you add cheese and onions.
3. Put chili inside of a baked potato and add green onions, cheese and sour cream. Warms me up just thinking about it.
4. Serve with tortilla chips – this works especially well with the Hot & Spicy chili.
5. For thicker chili recipes, serve on a hamburger bun for a sloppy joe type sandwich. I’ve found that leftover chili is really good this way.

There you go – a few ways you can enjoy more chili this winter. Stay warm out there! I know I’m trying here in Atlanta!!

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