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There’s a Chili in the Air

19/10/09 12:43 PM

Ok, so maybe you don’t think the title is as funny as I do, but then again it’s probably just my cold medicine affecting my head. Anyway, it’s finally getting chilly here in Atlanta and I’m super excited about experimenting with a new easy chili recipe soon. My family is asking for their same old favorite, but I’m really up for something new this year. Since I’ve been attending several chili cookoffs over the past few months, I’m taking a new look at some of my old favorites. One of my works in progress is a chili powder mix instead of using fresh chilis. I discovered that it’s much easier to mix your own chili powder than it is to cook peppers for every pot of chili. Most competitors use a blend of spices and chili powders to cut down on prep and cooking time for competitions. I can’t wait to see what this chili season has to offer! Are you experimenting with any new chili ideas lately?

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4 Comments on “There’s a Chili in the Air”

  1. Mark Says:

    Your con carne recipe has an awful lot of cumin in it. 2.5 tablespoons?

  2. Peechy Says:

    One of the chili con carne recipes does call for that much cumin. There is another listed that has much less if you prefer a lighter cumin taste. Try the chili con carne with vegetables or you could even reduce the amount of cumin in the recipe. Chili recipes are made to be adjusted to your own tastes! :)

  3. Andrea B Says:

    Just made the Day Before Chili recipe to the letter and was incredibly disappointed. It was SO HOT, my gut is still burning 2 hours later. You really MUST put some kind of “scale of spiciness” with each recipe for the novice cooks that stumble upon your website. I have to throw out this recipe and what an incredible waste of food! How incendiary is your Hot & Spicy Chili Recipe?!?!?!

  4. Peechy Says:

    I am so sorry that you found the Day Before Chili to be too spicy! I will look into a heat scale for the different recipes, but it would be difficult to apply a scale such as the Scoville scale to chili recipes. In the meantime, you might want to test out the recipes using half (or less) of the recommended hot peppers. You can then increase the amounts to find a level suitable to your tastes. Thanks for trying our recipes, and thanks for the feedback!