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There’s a Chili in the Air

Oct. 19th 2009

Ok, so maybe you don’t think the title is as funny as I do, but then again it’s probably just my cold medicine affecting my head. Anyway, it’s finally getting chilly here in Atlanta and I’m super excited about experimenting with a new easy chili recipe soon. My family is asking for their same old favorite, but I’m really up for something new this year. Since I’ve been attending several chili cookoffs over the past few months, I’m taking a new look at some of my old favorites. One of my works in progress is a chili powder mix instead of using fresh chilis. I discovered that it’s much easier to mix your own chili powder than it is to cook peppers for every pot of chili. Most competitors use a blend of spices and chili powders to cut down on prep and cooking time for competitions. I can’t wait to see what this chili season has to offer! Are you experimenting with any new chili ideas lately?

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