chili recipe

chili recipe

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Chili, Football, and Fall 2013

October is such an exciting month!  The leaves are beginning to change.  You can feel the weather changing.  It's an amazing time of the year.  Adding to the excitement, football has started and many chili cook-offs are on the calendar! 

I've embarked on a journey to check things off of my chili bucket list.  One of the items is to enter one or more chili cook-offs.  Well, October 28th will be the day when I check off my first chili cook-off.  Twenty contestants judged by 5 judges.  A close friend of mine and myself are constructing a soon to be famous recipe right now.  I will post the recipe AFTER the competition along with pictures. 

Along with football and chili cook-offs, the weather is changing.  My first fire of the fall season this year was amazing!


chili recipe

My chili season has started off fantastic!  Let us know how yours is going via email or by liking us on facebook.

Written By Danna Vach