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Beans and Weight Loss

Yet another reason to eat chili!!!  As if we needed another reason to enjoy a tasty chili concoction.  Research from a study in Medical News Today has proven that bean eaters have average weights that are less than people who don't eat beans on a regular basis.  The bean people, as I call us, also eat approximately 200 calories a day more than non-bean people.  The correlation of beans and weight loss could prove to be another diet revolution.

Researchers are still trying to decipher the reason behind the lower weight of bean eaters.  The reason could be as simple as the bean people just exercise more, but there are researchers who believe there is more to it than just exercise.  One hypothesis is that the fiber found in beans could prevent fat from being absorbed by your body. 

High fiber diets for weight loss have been in the background for some time, but maybe people should take a second look.  Fiber has many health benefits, and if aiding weight loss is added to these benefits, many people will be satisfied. (Pun intended)  Fiber has long been known to keep one feeling full for much longer and, in turn, helping you to eat less.

If you're looking to shed a few pounds and still want to eat comfort food, try a new chili recipe.  The turkey chili with beans is a great high fiber, low fat meal and you can pair it with a fresh spinach salad topped with a homemade vinaigrette.

Many people think that in order to get the maximum nutritional value out of beans, you need to start with dried or fresh beans.  Since these types of beans require soaking (dried beans) and extra cooking time, most home cooks don't bother.  You really don't need to go through all the hassle to reap the benefits of beans.  Canned beans are just as nutritious as dried beans, and they are much easier to prepare - just open the can.

Canned beans often contain a great deal of sodium so I choose to buy the low sodium varieties and rinse the beans before I use them in any chili recipe.

Another complaint non-bean eaters have about beans is that they can cause bloating and gas.  If you eat beans in moderation, your body can handle the digestion of beans without excess bloating.  Most bloating and gassiness happens when you eat a great deal of beans in one sitting.

If you aren't a regular bean eater, there are products on the market that you can take before a bean meal that will reduce the bloating and gassiness sometimes associated with beans.

Whatever your opinion about beans, I hope this information has increased the likelihood of you adding more beans to your diet.  They are full of nutrients, and they are delicious in a hot bowl of chili!

Written By Danna Vach