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Super Bowl Chili Ideas

Watching the Super Bowl and enjoying a large pot of chili with your friends seem to go together just like cereal with milk and cheese with crackers.  You expect the two to be together, always and forever.

The perfect couple-Chili and the Super Bowl

Don't let this Super Bowl be any different from previous Super Bowl get togethers.  You still have time to buy your fresh ingredients and make a big pot of chili for game day.

If you're going to be rushing around on game day getting everything ready for your guests, then why not prepare a pot of chili the day before and just reheat it before the Super Bowl game.  Try the recipe for Day Before Chili to help you make a great pot of chili.  Chili usually is best if you refrigerate it  for a day then reheat it.  There is just something about how the flavors mix together after sitting awhile that makes my mouth water.

If you are reading this just before the game, and you have no time to make your own chili, try buying a few cans of Stagg chili and add a few onions and some cheese.  It's not as good as homemade chili, but it will work when you are pressed for time.

If I'm having a fairly large Super Bowl gathering, I will make two different batches of chili, one with meat and one without meat.  There are always a few people who appreciate a good vegetarian chili.

I don't wait until half time to start serving my chili.  I offer my guests a bowl as soon as they come in the door.  They will most always go back for seconds during half time.

Don't forget the beer!

Don't forget to stock up on plenty of beer when you head to the grocery store to buy your chili ingredients.  You can even use your beer as an ingredient in your chili as in our Hot and Spicy Chili.

What more could you ask for than the Super Bowl, chili and beer?  It seems as if those three are a perfect combo.  Unless . . . you want to try your hand at making a few Super Bowl cupcakes.

By Danna Vach