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chili recipe

Even in the midst of the heat wave we are having this summer, I find myself thinking about cool days, chili cooking, and football.  As my mind wanders, so do my internet searches.  I began to find out a little more about each of the NFL teams and what makes them special. 

I decided that there was probably a special chili or a chili ingredient for each of the teams in the NFL.  Below is the result of my research on each team and the location of the team.  Hope you enjoy!

NFL Team Chili Recipes

1)  Arizona Cardinals  Arizona is the land of mesquite trees.  Mesquite is in the family of peas so some of the beans are edible.  Most people eat the beans in the form of a mesquite flour.  To add a distinctive mesquite flavor to your Arizona Cardinal chili, try adding a bit of mesquite flavoring to simmer with the chili.

2)  Baltimore Ravens    Maryland is the hometown of Old Bay Seasoning so the chili representing the Ravens should be seasoned generously with Old Bay.  Start out by adding 1 teaspoon per pound of meat and adjust to taste.

3)  Cincinnati Bengals     Cincinnati chili.  Oh my.  Seasoned with one or more of the following: cinnamon, allspice, or cocoa.  You might think these spices would add a sweet flavor only meant for pies or cakes, but in reality, these flavors contribute to the richness of any chili.

4)  Cleveland Browns     Another Ohio team.  There isn't another chili or ingredient that comes close to Cincinnati chili.  Cincinnati style chili for both teams based in Ohio is a good thing.

5)  Pittsburgh Steelers     Newcastle has its roots in Pittsburg, so the choice chili of the Pittsburg Steelers has to be Newcastle hotdog chili.

6)  Houston Texans     Texas-style chili!  Enough said!

7)  Indianapolis Colts     After a bit of research, the best growing herbs in Indianapolis are basil, rosemary, and parsley.  

Two tablespoons of rosemary or basil added to any chili recipe will transform the taste to a chili worthy of representing the Colts.

8)  Jacksonville Jaguars     In most of the US, hardy means able to survive in cold weather, but in Florida, hardy plants must survive extreme heat, rain and even hurricanes.  Oregano and basil are 2 herbs that can live through it all.  Add them both to your chili recipe and see how it tastes.

9) Tennessee Titans     The ingredient of choice for Tennessee Titan chili is of course Tennessee Pride Sausage.  Use the sausage in place of 1/2 of your ground beef to give your chili a Tennessee kick.

10)  Buffalo Bills    In 1964 Frank's Red Hot Sauce made quite the impact with Buffalo wings.  Why not build on the Buffalo wing theme by making chicken chili with the chicken from Buffalo Wings?  You can use leftover wings (if there is such a thing).  You could also use baked chicken and add Frank's Red Hot Sauce to the chili while cooking.

11)  Miami Dolphins     When Miami enters my mind, I usually think HOT.  What better way to cool off than with a cold beer?  Add a beer to your chili to celebrate the Miami Dolphins.

12)  New England Patriots     New Englanders are usually known for their clam chowder instead of chili so make clam chowder to please a crowd.  After all, chowder is almost like a potato chili, right?

13)  New York Jets     Add a few chunks of New York Style sausage to chili made in honor of the New York Jets.  You can buy New York style  sausage at most local delis.

14)  Denver Broncos     Colorado has its own style of chili known as Colorado chili.  Colorado chili has beef chunks in a red sauce.

15)  Kansas City Chiefs     Kansas City is well-known for its barbecue so any chili celebrating the Chiefs should have barbecue sauce in it.  Start out by adding 1/2 cup of sauce and add more to taste, if desired.

16)  Oakland Raiders     How do you create a chili that is worthy of the tailgating style of the Oakland Raider fans?  TWO special ingredients.  A rich, peppery barbecue sauce and a bit of red wine. That's right.  Oakland's proximity to some of the greatest wine country is reason enough to add 1 cup of red wine to a winning chili.  Couple that with a peppery barbecue sauce (1cup) and you have a rich, full bodied chili with some class.

17)  San Diego Chargers    San Diego is well-known for its fish tacos so our ingredient of choice for San Diego Charger chili is fish.  Try substituting different kinds of fish instead of ground beef and season with taco seasoning.

18)  Chicago Bears     Chicago got its name from the onion that once grew where Chicago now stands.  Chicago is another name for onion.

19)  Detroit Lions     The Coney Island chili dog is perfect for celebrating football season.  Coney dogs are topped with a beanless chili and have been around since 1917 in Detroit.

20)  Green Bay Packers     Green Bay fans are commonly know as cheeseheads so that's our special ingredient for Packer chili.  Add a large handful of freshly shredded cheese to each bowl of chili just before serving.

21)  Minnesota Vikings     The state mushroom of Minnesota is the morel mushroom.  It is a tasty addition to any dish and serves as a great ingredient for chili.  Morel mushrooms are only found fresh for a short period of time, but they can usually be found dried at specialty food stores.

22)  Atlanta Falcons     Atlanta is the capital of Georgia, also known as the peach state.  For our Falcon tribute chili add a jar of peach salsa to a favorite chili recipe.  It will add some sweet and some spicy to the chili.

23)  Carolina Panthers     North Carolina is home to many foods we love, but did you know Texas Pete Hot Sauce is from North Carolina?  Add Texas Pete to your chili, and you'll have a chili worthy of the Carolina Panthers.  Serve with a Mt. Olive pickle on the side since Mt. Olive pickles were founded in North Carolina in 1926.

24)  New Orleans Saints     This was a difficult ingredient to choose.  New Orleans is so famous for its food that it was hard to pick just one thing to make a unique New Orleans chili.  Boudin finally made the cut because of it's unique flavor.  Boudin is a Cajun sausage that is usually simmered to cook but it can also be grilled.  Once cooked, remove the sausage from the casing and add to chili.

25)  Tampa Bay Buccaneers     Tampa Bay is a city in the Orange State, Florida.  Florida has long been know for its oranges, and we'll put that knowledge to good use.  Substitute 1 cup of Florida orange juice for water or broth in your chili recipe, and all of your friends will want to know your new secret ingredient.

26)  Dallas Cowboys     You can't mess with Texas Chili.  Thought to be the original home of chili, Texas style chili never disappoints.

27)  New York Giants     When I think of New York, I think of delis.  One deli meat that comes to mind is pastrami.  Shredded pastrami (approximately 1 cup) added into chili gives your chili recipe a bit of New York flavor just in time for the big game.

28)  Philadelphia Eagles     When someone mentions Philadelphia, the first thought that comes to mind is of the Philly cheesesteak.  To make a chili that can represent Philly adequately, the cheesesteak has to be incorporated into the chili ingredients.  Replace the ground beef with thinly sliced rib-eye or top round that has been quickly browned.  Serve with grated provolone cheese for that perfect Philly Cheesesteak flavor.

29)  Washington Redskins     The state of Washington lists the state fruit as the apple so what better ingredient to choose for a great tasting chili?  Add 1-2 cups of finely chopped or shredded Washington apples to your chili and simmer as you would normally.

30)  San Francisco 49ers     A person can't visit San Francisco without paying a visit to Chinatown.  This famous part of San Francisco served as the inspiration for  our 49ers chili ingredients - Chinese 5 spice powder.  It's a great blend of spices, and it adds a distinct flavor to any dish.  Start by adding 2 Tablespoons to your chili and then add more if desired.

31)  Seattle Seahawks     Seattle is the home of Seattle's Best Coffee and what better ingredient to give chili some kick?  Substitute 1 cup of brewed coffee for 1 cup of other liquid in your chili.

32)  St. Louis Rams  Ahhhh.  St. Louis.  The home of the largest beer producing plant in the nation, Anheuser-Busch.  Add a beer to your chili and let it simmer to give it a St. Louis feel.

Written By Danna Vach