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Labor Day Chili

Labor Day chili is a great idea for celebration. You can make a big batch for family and friends, and still have some for leftovers for a week. Chili has been a favorite dish for many American families, and never ceases to lose popularity. People began having Labor Day chili cook-offs and other various chili contests. Chili is a dish that is made up of liquids, chiles, meat and spices, and usually is cooked in a large pot. Chili can be considered a great comfort food and it is celebrated throughout the year at festivals and in the home. The chili festivals usually have contests and chili tasting for everyone to sample. You might find super hot, mild, spicy, vegetarian and fiery chilis. Chili is a famous Labor Day dish that is cooked by many people each year. It is more valuable to make a large pot of chili rather than a little one. The ingredients can become quite expensive and if you are on a budget it is better to think economically.

A popular chili festival that takes place during the Labor Day weekend every year is the New Mexico’s Hatch Chile Festival. Everything chili and chili related is celebrated and on display. They have a chili cook-off, and even a crowning of the chili Queen. This festival has been going on for years and brings in approximately 30,000 visitors every year.  If you are a chili lover, then this is a festival you should not miss.

If you are not into going to a chili festival, you can just celebrate your Labor Day chili with friends and family in your very own backyard. You can even hold your own town cook-off in a park somewhere if you get approval from your town. You can be the organizer and start a chili history for your town. Chili is a tasty dish that can not only be a great Labor Day dish, but can be eaten all year long on any occasion. Get your chili pot out and start cooking!

By Danna Vach