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College Football-A Great Time for Chili

College football bowl games are upon us!  Whether it's SEC, PAC-10, ACC, Big 10 or another conference, you are definitely going to cheer your team on.  What better way to cheer on your team than with a bunch of friends while feasting on large bowls of homemade chili.

If you're in a pinch for time, try making your chili the day before and reheating in time for the big game.  If your guests prefer something spicy, try Hot & Spicy chili or Vegetarian Halftime Chili for those preferring a milder flavor.

To make the occasion even more festive, get bowls and decorations in your team colors.  You can even prepare some great football cookies to have before or after your chili feast.

If you're really motivated to make your chili feast a wonderful team concoction, try adding something that ties in to the bowl game competition.  For example, if you are rooting against South Carolina, try adding some shredded chicken in place of some of the ground beef or beans in your chili.  Alligator tastes like chicken so the shredded chicken would also work if you're rooting against the Florida Gators. 

If you're going to the Orange bowl try adding the juice of one orange and a bit of orange zest while cooking your chili.

However you decide to cheer on your favorite bowl competitor, I hope it's fun and full of friends and happy faces!

Written By Danna Vach