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Shortcuts to Chili Success

Written By Danna Vach

Purists would never consider making chili from processed ingredients. They cringe at the thought of using canned tomatoes or bottled hot sauce. Anything short of doing everything from scratch would be blasphemy. On the other hand, many experts say that using convenience foods in chili is nothing to be ashamed about.

If everyone had the time to run around town to find the freshest ingredients and the patience to hover over a hot range to get the components ready for the start of the actual cooking process, it wouldn’t be an issue. But since today’s supermarkets have an almost infinite selection of items that can help the cook make great chili faster and more easily, why not give it a try?

Major groceries’ produce sections always have a variety of fresh-from-the-farm onions and peppers. For those who prefer to skip the peeling, paring and the inevitable tears, there are sliced and diced frozen onions and canned or jarred peppers.

For the cook who makes chili with beans, choosing to switch from dry to canned can save considerable time and effort. The dry beans must be soaked, sometimes as long as overnight. Then they must be cooked. Canned beans come in lots of varieties - red, white,
black, kidney, pinto and more. And for anyone who is concerned that beans might lose much of their nutritional value during the canning process, the fact is that the loss is minimal.

Tomatoes - without them, would chili really be chili? A cook could buy a few pounds of tomatoes and spend a day or two turning them into sauce, paste and pieces to put into the chili pot. But when canned tomatoes in various forms are so affordable and convenient, why pay so much and bother with the mess?

The same rules apply to other ingredients like hot sauce, broth and whatever you’re accustomed to throwing into the pot.

For the cook who decides to take some shortcuts, what is there to lose? Hours of needless drudgery? The rewards are wonderful - less fuss, more time to spend on other things.