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Famous Chili Recipes Review of Tabasco Spicy Chili Recipe Mix

Amy's Organic Chili - the spicy version-definitely looked great out of the can and into the pot.  Once warmed, which didn't take long at all-into my bowl it went!  Amy's Organic Chili (spicy) is actually spicy.  It really has some heat to it.  I was impressed that the chili actually lived up to the spicy label.

Overall, the taste was ok.  The texture was great, but it was missing something in my opinion.  I'm not sure what it was that the chili needed.  I tend to try new chilis without my usual additions of shredded cheese and chopped onions so maybe that's what I thought was missing, but I don't think so.  It could have possibly needed more garlic or other flavorful spices.

chili recipes

All in all, I'm on middle ground with Amy's Organic Chili.  I give it two and a half stars.  Since it's from a can, it's fast and easy which I like.  The taste could be a bit better, but I would definitely buy it again just for the convenience factor and the quality of products that the Amy's labels use in their foods.

Written By Danna Vach