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Top 3 Atlanta Chili Events

Ever wondered which chili chookoffs are worth attending in Atlanta?  After all, there are so many chili cookoff events springing up all over Atlanta, it's hard to know which are the best.  To hopefully help you decide, Famous Chili Recipes has come up with the Top 3 (in our opinion) chili events in the Atlanta area.

Coming in at number 3 in Famous Chili Recipes list is The Annual Georgia State Chili Cookoff held at Rocco's Pub in Marietta.  This event is sanctioned by the International Chili Society, and the winner travels to the world championship competition.  It's a fabulous event with some tremendous tasting chili.  Competitors follow strict rules, and when the chili cooking time is over, the chili is delivered to the judging area. 

Each cookoff competitor at the Georgia State Chili cookoff usually makes 2 batches of chili.  One is for judging and one is for the public to taste.  The fans aren't left out of the judging though.  There is a People's Choice award given and, believe me, the competitors take this very seriously.  It's a smaller event than our next two cookoffs on the list, but it is all about chili. You'll eat fantastic chili, and you'll learn a great deal.  Who knows, you may be inspired to create your own chili recipe for the next cookoff.

Number two on our list is the annual Chomp and Stomp festival in Cabbagetown.  When I say there is something for everyone at this event, I mean it.  There are planned kid events, live music, and of course, chili competitions.  The streets are lined with festival goers eating and having fun.  It's a fabulous time in the Cabbagetown area.  Definitely worth a visit if you've never been.

And now, drum roll please, our number 1 chili event in Atlanta is The Atlanta Chili Cookoff (also known as The Great Miller Lite Chili Cookoff)!

For many years, this chili cookoff has taken over the fields at Stone Mountain Park for an entire weekend of cooking, eating, and enjoying music, games and drinks.  The event is held rain or shine, and it's fun in any kind of weather.  One year when it was pouring some areas were ankle deep in water.  It didn't stop the chili cooking or the beer pouring.  My boys thought it was awesome when they got to run through puddles as big as small swimming pools.

Each chili cookoff entrant gets it's own campsite and camp decorations are a wonder to behold.  I've seen pirate ships with authentic pirates, clowns, and just downright cute kids handing out chili samples to the hundreds and hundreds of people that come out each year.  It definitely helps spur creativity when presentation is one of the judging criteria.

If you're looking for chili excitement, choose one of our top 3 events and you won't be disappointed.  If you would like to share your experience, feel free to email me at

Written By Danna Vach